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gcVIP is a new and exciting website which has just launched on the Gold Coast

With vast experience in sales, marketing, media, events and public relations for over the last 15 years on the Gold Coast, our team decided to create a website that is not only entertaining for the viewer, but also a vehicle for businesses on the gc to be profiled and allow them to tap into additional, emerging or new markets for a minimal cost.

The website will be updated daily, with a selection of new events, pictures, gossip, reviews, blogs and much more – something that is lacking on the gc, with some websites updating fortnightly, even monthly. gcVIP.com.au will update a variety of sections daily to keep traffic coming back to view the website. This leads to increased members, visitor hits and of course exposure for those businesses who have become members of the website. There are also great benefits for our various individual memberships offering a variety of benefits, discounts and events.

gcVIP.com.au is an entertaining website which provides the following services /content:

  • Social pictures and coverage of the latest events around the gc.
  • Gossip from around the gc with the gcSquirrel on the website which is also linked with Twitter and Face book – drawing more traffic to the website.
  • Topical social commentary / editorial pages.
  • What's on / Upcoming Events.
  • Event Management Service.
  • Social and commercial photography.
  • Public Relation Service.
  • gcConcierge – a unique new service for those with VIP requirements.
  • Movie reviews with Foxy Flicker.
  • Restaurant Reviews.
  • gcME – which includes; personal profiles, fashion and beauty, regularly updated feature stories, accommodation, restaurants, boating, motoring, nightlife, attractions, the arts, travel, education and much more.
  • Regular Competitions.

The website offers various individual memberships (complimentary and paid membership) and as well a variety business memberships and sponsorship.

gcVIP has also established preferred relationships in other forms of media including Gold Coast Magazine – featuring over 10 pages a month of gossip and social pages all branded with www.gcvip.com.au, 102.9 Hot Tomato as well as the provision of social photography for www.mygc.com.au which is also branded. These relationships ensure maximum exposure for gcVIP, our sponsors, business members and of course our individual members. Enjoy!