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An Italian Gem!

As soon as l arrived at Andiamo,  located at Jupiters Hotel & Casino, l was overwhelmed with mouth watering aromas wafting from the restaurant and kitchen.  It was Sunday night, and after a busy weekend, my guest and l were ready for some tasty cuisine and chilled wine.

Italian has always been one of my favourite meals, so my expectations were high.   Our waiter for the evening promptly greeted us and directed us to our table.   Aside from the delicious smell, l was surprised that the restaurant was almost full, with only three tables available in the whole restaurant available.     The design of the Andiamo is very European in style (as you would expect) and has an extremely warm ambience.

Voss Water (with the fabulous bottle) was the water of choice for the evening and more importantly a wine needed to be selected.  The wine list has variety, yet without being overbearing and providing too many choices.  We settled on the Catalina Sounds Sauvignon Blanc.

The wine was crisp, light and chilled perfectly.   A basket promptly arrived on our table with four different varieties of breads, and of course dips and oils.  We also selected a special salad which comprised of Vine ripened tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil and oil.   The tomatoes tasted as if they had just been picked!

The menu itself if not an extensive one (which is a nice change from the six page menus so popular these days), yet we still had trouble selecting an entrée as they all sounded delicious.   We finally decided on the Gamberoni agllo olle e peperoncino (sizzling prawns, chill and extra virgin olive) and the Minestrone Soup.    The prawns were superb.    Many restaurants seem to submerge the prawns in far too much oil and garlic, therefore losing the taste of the prawns.  They were simply delicious and left us wanting more.  The Minestrone was very hearty with a touch of spice and plenty of chunky vegetables.

My guest and l were already feeling our stomachs expanding from the delicious cuisine at Andiamo and enjoyed a well timed break before attempting our main course.   We selected the Vitello al Fungi (Veal scaloppini with creamy mushrooms sauce and vegetables) and the Barramundi saportio (Barramundi with rocket pesto, fennel, vongole, mussels and caper sauce.   The veal was cooked perfectly with just the right amount of creamy sauce before becoming too over bearing.   The Barramundi was ‘fresh of the boat’ and the selected accompaniments provided a memorable taste sensation.

The size of the meals are generous, and by dessert time, my guests and l had little room left, so we decided to share the Italian classic, Tiramisu.   It was simply superb.  The sponge, whipped cream, coffee and all the other silky smooth flavours will ensure l returned for another one…or two.

Put simply, a visit to Andiamo is a must.    The restaurant under the direction of Chef Angelo Borlotti and the new menu draws upon the traditional Italian roots of cooking.  One could even say, ‘Just how Mumma makes it!’    Backed by impeccable service, friendly staff and a warm, cosy atmosphere, the restaurant is one of the Coast’s finest.  Andiamo is open 7 nights for dinner, so be sure to experience this Italian gem at Jupiters Hotel and Casino. 

For bookings please call (07) 55 92 8443