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AB [INTRA] - Sydney Dance Company

Tuesday, 26th Jun 2018 @ HOTA, Home of the Arts

Spanish born Choreographer, Rafael Bonachela, says ab [intra] is taken from the Latin meaning ‘from within’. However, it’s “more than the external expression of internal concepts, in this dance sphere it is a representation of energy – an energy derived from the interaction of these two facets of our worlds”.

Sydney Dance Company’s 2018 season opens with the electrifying world premiere of Rafael Bonachela’s ab [intra]. The performance is set to take guests on a journey into the extremes of human nature - discovering what drives our relationships and ignites our ambitions.

A visceral new piece showcasing Australia’s best contemporary dancers, ab [intra] is Bonachela’s latest collaboration with composer Nick Wales.

A dynamic work of exquisite athleticism, ab [intra] exposes the shared instincts that drive us apart and bring us back together.

Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th July 2018 from 7.30pm. Tickets $48 per adult.
Book online at https://hota.com.au/dance/ab-intra/