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Galway Oyster & Seafood Festival

Saturday, 8th Sep 2018 @ D’Arcy Arms Irish Pub, Surfers Paradise
Jesse Lovegrove, Lisa Gloeckner, Ricki Bobby
Jesse Lovegrove, Lisa Gloeckner, Ricki Bobby

The Galway Oyster & Seafood Festival has been hosted every year in Ireland since 1954! Gold Coast’s longest standing Irish Pub, D’Arcy Arms pipped the annual celebration by a few weeks by hosting their own local version of the iconic event. Lads and Lassies filled the cosy pub as they gorged on delicious morsels of seafood, all washed down with plenty of Champagne and stout. Irish performers Mick McHugh, Jack O’Leary Duo and Mark Butler ensured the merry crew partied well into the night!



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