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ARTLAB: Paper Picnic with Nicola Moss

Saturday, 10th Nov 2018 @ HOTA Home of the Arts

Create beautiful paper gardens and bird havens with Breathing in Trees exhibiting artist Nicola Moss in our next ArtLab. ArtLab give kids the opportunity to explore big ideas while working with a professional artist to create an awesome artwork to take home.

Session 1 | 5 – 10 years Dream Gardens
Have fun making a paper collage of your dream garden, inspired by plant patterns and flowers.

With a menu of coloured paper and templates to choose from, imagine your garden – tropical, potted cactus, beach-side or maybe forest. Templates can be traced around and coloured or cut out and pasted down. How will your garden grow?

Session 2 | 11-16 years: Papercut Bird Haven
Experiment with the techniques of frottage and paper cutting to create a bird haven collage.

Working with the natural textures of wood, stone and foliage; we’ll make rubbings on paper. With these impressions and patterned papers, choose some templates to trace around and cut out. Or, draw your own designs. Perhaps a treetop, bird box or ground bower will be your birds home. Finally you’ll collage the paper cut and patterned papers together to reveal your bird haven.

This ArtLab supports the exhibition Breathing in Trees: Nicola Moss, on display at HOTA Gallery from 20 Oct – 25 Nov.

Presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts