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Social Photography

Need a social photographer? Look no further than gcVIP.

To obtain the full benefits of gcVIP, be sure to check out our business memberships. Our memberships will assist you in the active promotion of your event before you need your social snaps as well. This is particularly important with ticketed events! Our business packages are extremely competitive and include social photography. (link). Best of all your photographs will not only be given to you on disc for your own use and marketing purposes, they will feature on gcVIP were thousands of people will view the guests at your event. Also our preferred partnerships with www.mygc.com.au and Get it Magazine, you pics may feature all over the gc!

We do have tailored packages for one-off events, however we strongly recommend you consider our business packages as they give you more comprehensive pre and post coverage and best of all more competitive rates. Complete the enquiry form and we will respond to you in a jiffy. Chop chop!

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